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XS Tennis Village
Sports Facility 

VES provided engineering services for a new tennis facility on the south side of Chicago. The new tennis facility incorporated a total building area of 116,069 SF. 8,255 SF for office, lobby and public areas, and 107,814 SF for the tennis and fieldhouse wing. Additional building structures include a fieldhouse, parking lot, basketball courts, track, and additional exterior tennis courts. Occupancy Classification Class C-1, Large Assembly Unit type.

VES completed the MEP/FP engineering design documents and specifications as the Engineer of Record on the City of Chicago Permit.


In addition to MEP/FP scope, VES also completed LEED energy modeling for MEP/FP systems certification for LEED v4 Certified rating, including demonstrating EAp2 compliance, LEED online documentation for all MEP-related credits, coordination with commissioning agent, and all other calculations and research needed.

The project was completed in REVIT.

Project Facts


Location:  Chicago, IL

Completion:  June 2018

Size:  116,000 SF

Market:  Sports/Recreation

Services:  MEP/FP Engineering

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