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Department of Veterans Affairs
Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center
Revise Main Entry

Lovell FHCC has embarked on developing a program and planning effort to review the main hospital entrance to make it more a functional and welcoming space for staff and patients. The new entrance will review how patients enter, where are these patients going, how and where they check in, access to wheelchairs, COVID-19 check-in procedures, security, and the potential of how the two-story space can be opened up to encourage multiple uses.

Programming, schematic design and feasibility assessment: The design team is collecting program information, existing condition drawings, statement of condition drawings, and preparing a program of current state of flow and activity at the main hospital entrance. The feedback from this program document will set the design parameters for the team to develop three options to be estimated and submitted for approval of one option to proceed with. The selected option will be a hybrid with elements from all three schemes.

Project Facts


Location:  North Chicago, IL

Completion:  October 2020

Size:  2,500 SF

Market:  Healthcare

Services:  Architecture

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