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Department of Veteran's Affairs
Quincy Veteran's Home

The Quincy Veteran's Home campus has a historical presence featuring large stone and brick buildings, and large expanses of lawn areas surrounded by mature trees. The tree canopies provide shade, supports biodiversity, and significantly contributes to the character of the site. A Bridging Team, lead by Perkins Eastman, completed a master plan in 2018.  The master plan lead to significant changes on campus, including a new Long Term Care Facility, a new Domiciliary, minor renovations to the Therapy Building, Fifer Skilled Nursing Andrews Infirmary, and significant renovation to the Nielson Dining.
While IMEG is working on the new Long Term Care Facility, VES is providing MEP/FP engineering design on the new Domiciliary and the renovation of the Nielson Dining Facility. Both projects are a design-build effort lead by Veterans United Constructors.
Current Domiciliary residents occupy the Anderson Barracks and Sommerville Domiciliary. Upon completing the master plan in 2018, the Fletcher Infirmary and Markword Infirmary were slated for renovation into a 40-unit Domiciliary building on campus. However, both existing buildings presented their challenges with the existing structure, including ramps within the corridor, low floor to floor ceiling, and not being connected in terms of services and resident circulations. Therefore, during the Functional Programming exercise, an alternate direction has been evaluated to demolish both buildings and build the new 80-unit Domiciliary connected to the Nielson.
The Domiciliary design features a balance of texture, color, and light to delight residents and offers a modern twist to independent living. The lobby experience at the Domiciliary boasts clean, modern lines with a simple visual field. Residents can enjoy sitting in from the fireplace clad in warm stacked stone tile or enjoy a learning experience in the adjacent classroom. Carefully located art and comfortable furnishings are welcoming and encourage community.

Project Facts


Location:  Quincy, IL

Completion:  July 2023

Size:  Domiciliary - 77,032 SF
         Nielson - 25,198 SF

Market:  Residential

Services:  MEP/FP Engineering

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